Tell me and I’ll forget,
Teach me and I may remember,
Involve me and I’ll understand.
— Benjamin Franklin

Internpreneur was launched in 2013 to connect outstanding students to paid internships at growing companies.


Even the best students need to get real-world experience and build a personal network during school to move into a career after graduation. Job boards are notoriously ineffective, and few students have relevant guidance to help them get off campus and into the marketplace to build relationships, leaving them wondering where to start.

While students struggle to connect with professionals, there are thriving businesses that need access to new talent, but likewise seem to struggle reaching students. Every career center, department, and program is different, making it an inefficient and frustrating process for most businesses to recruit students on their own.

When students do find an internship, they typically report being discouraged by managers who give them pointless work, or who simply aren't prepared to work with and train an intern. Employers tell us they aren't satisfied with many students' professionalism, and they don't have an effective way to onboard, train, evaluate, and manage interns semester after semester.

Done right, internships create immense opportunity for everyone involved.

That's why we built Internpreneur...


Internships are the future of experiential education and entry-level recruiting.


When done right, internships put classrooms inside of companies, preparing students for their professional lives while simultaneously providing the perfect means for companies to test out soon-to-be and recent college graduates.

Internships give students a place to explore their futures, put classroom knowledge into practice, and gain new skills. With focused preparation, businesses enjoy huge returns on internship programs by completing vast amounts of work and developing relationships early-on with their future employees.

We work alongside employers to craft Internpreneurships—high-impact internship programs where businesses get real projects done, and students get the experience and hands-on learning they need to successfully move into full-time employment after graduation. We then connect these employers with Internpreneurs—the most incredible students and young leaders from local universities.


Champion Full Potential

Commit to active personal growth. Strive for personal excellence by seeking feedback and accountability from others; in turn, provide them the same. Encourage and build up those around you by honoring each individual's unique goals, recognizing individual progress, and celebrating collective success.

Be Present & Engaged

Be fully engaged with the people or task at hand. Devote all of your attention to one thing at a time, knowing that staying present will bring maximum impact and enhance your ability to serve effectively.

Be Mission-Minded

Stay focused; work from and maintain a clear sense of mission and purpose by keeping daily and long-term goals in front of you.

Exhibit Bold Enthusiasm

Recognize how blessed you are to do meaningful work every day that directly impacts people's lives, businesses, and local economies. Remain humbly confident in today's work, while dreaming and pursuing ways to innovate and create new value for tomorrow. 

Promote Open & Direct Communication

Use open communication to expand trust in relationships. Be honest even when its hard, and commit to delivering truth directly, but not offensively.

Our Team

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OD Specialist

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