How Students and Companies Benefit Each Other [Podcast]

Start listening from 8 Min 20 Sec for conversation about Internpreneur!

In this podcast, you’ll learn:

  • How a student intern can truly impact your company
  • The motivation behind starting Internpreneur
  • Why having an internship is crucial for a students future
  • The benefits of internship programs for both students and companies

This Work Hugs podcast includes an interview with the CEO of Internpreneur, Ben McIntyre. In their conversation Ben talks about why he choose business and the experiences that lead him to start Internpreneur. He shares the way he grew his network to connect and get involved with the Nashville business community.

What is Internprenuer? Why is an internship important?
“We help companies and students maximize their investment of time and money into internships in two ways, first we help companies develop really strong internship programs. We help recruit the students for those programs, and place them.”- Ben McIntyre

Internship programs for students are important because it teaches them core business skills that aren’t being taught in the college classroom. They are beneficial for companies because if the program is done correctly they can get real work done by their interns.

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