Hi, I'm Ben McIntyre, the Founder and CEO of Internpreneur. 

I believe in using entrepreneurship as a tool to create change in the communities around me. I consider business to be art, and I'm amazed  at the opportunity to be this young and already doing work that I find truly meaningful every day. 

I grew up in NJ and moved to my now home, Nashville, TN, in 2011 to attend Belmont University and pursue a dream I'd had since I was young - to create change in the world by building something of value for other people through entrepreneurship.


After my first two years studying and working in Nashville's business community during college, it became evident that there was a disconnect between students and employers.

I saw fellow students graduating with no real experience and without a large enough network to get hired. All the while, businesses kept saying to me that they needed easier access to student talent. The entrepreneurial passion I'd cultivated since I was 13 years old found a need in our community that I knew I could solve. With that, Internpreneur was born. 

In 2013, I launched Internpreneur to create a regional network to give growing employers in Nashville easy access to outstanding students and to help these companies develop internships that bring more value to all involved. 

Students obtain vital learning while executing on real responsibility in a business. Employers receive direct access to the best students graduating within 100 miles of Nashville and get support creating internships and training programs to effectively work with and evaluate them. Our regional and university partners get increased talent development and retention, and job placement of recent graduates.

I could never do this alone. Go to our About Page to meet the rest of our team, learn more about why we do this work, and see if you want to join us!