Internpreneur uses high quality internships to help more students graduate with the experience and relationships to immediately get hired in the local economy.


From this, we see cascading benefits for all of our Partners. 

  • Companies get great work accomplished during their internships. They gain long-term value by connecting early with future talent, and are able to make smarter hiring decisions with entry-level talent that already has experience.

  • Education partners see increased job placement after graduation. Even more important, though, is that the educational process is enhanced as students bring their real-world examples and experience back into the classroom, giving them a relevant framework of the real world that allows them to extract even more value from classes.

  • Local economies benefit because internships serve as experiential education, thereby expanding workforce development. Internships also increase talent retention post-graduation and create easy access to human capital, a key factor in new business growth and relocations.


If you think there are ways we can partner together to create positive change in your community, we'd love to hear from you.

Let's find a way to partner and grow our future together!

At Internpreneur, we believe internships are an essential part of education and a student's ability to find a job upon graduation. Alongside everything learned in the classroom, internships add experience, a stronger sense of career direction, and all-important relationships.

Nothing we do is intended to duplicate, replace, or compete with the work done by educators in the classroom or career center staff. We simply develop additional high-quality internships with employers and present them to your students. To do this, we work with career centers, faculty, administration, and student organizations who share our belief in an internship's ability to radically accelerate a student's career.

Beyond colleges and universities, we want to partner with career accelerator programs and code schools to bring internship and entry-level job opportunities to your students as well.

Where Does Internpreneur Already Recruit?

Belmont University

Trevecca Nazarene University

Tennessee State University

University of Tennessee at Knoxville

Lipscomb University

Vanderbilt University

Middle Tennessee State University

If we don't know you yet, we want to.

Whether we've recruited from your school in the past or not, if you want your students and graduates to have access to more high-quality opportunities, let's find the easiest way to share Internpreneur with them.

Internpreneur takes a community focus in everything. 

In each city or region, we partner with community organizations who are already working on similar problems. We work together with these partners to support their talent development and retention initiatives, and to create workforce alignment between educational institutions and business needs.

We're starting in Nashville and Middle Tennessee, but we're actively considering other cities for future expansion. If we haven't connected before, but you'd like to see Internpreneur working in your region, let's talk!

Organizations Whose Missions We Support


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