Planning Day

Everything we do starts with Planning Day, a half-day accelerator with us to plan your entire program. We'll review the Internpreneur Framework and Process, define your program vision and strategy, and create the action plan for your program.

Program Development

The most effective internships are the result of intentional preparation. Using decisions from Planning Day, we'll assemble every asset needed for Intern Recruiting and Program Implementation. Your staff will be ready when their interns arrive, and interns will be equipped to contribute from day one.

Intern Recruiting

We use our regional network of professors, student organizations, student leaders, and career centers to recruit the best students for your roles. We'll thoroughly screen them for you, so by the time you're choosing who to interview, you’re already selecting from the very best.

Program Implementation & Continual Improvement

Internships are an investment in your company’s future. We'll help you increase the value your internship program brings to your organization by creating continuity and improvement semester-to-semester, enhancing participant satisfaction, and increasing hiring conversion.