We turn growing companies into experiential classrooms for outstanding students.


Get Real World Experience

Hone your education into the skills that employers want to hire you for.


Build Vital Relationships

Begin establishing an invaluable professional network before graduating.


Receive Consistent Feedback

Learn from a dedicated mentor who will help you grow quickly.

Student Experiences


IT Security Intern, Summer '15

"Internpreneur gave me a jump start to my career that I could only dream of. This internship has given me top-notch professional networking and experience that will benefit my future."

Mary Anna

Web Design & PR Intern, Spring '15

"This Internship has been one of the best experiences I've had! Stephanie has turned into a mentor for me and I can't thank you enough for helping me find this internship."


Content Marketing Intern, Summer '14

"Internpreneur helped me find an internship that led me to discover my passions. Now, I have more professional opportunities and real world experience than I ever thought possible!"

Past Internships

From small teams, to high-growth tech startups, to major corporations, Internpreneurs have worked in...


Sales & Account Management

Business Analysis

Social Media Management

Content Creation

Email Marketing

Customer Education & Support

Technical Writing



Software Engineering

Information Systems

Wireless Networking

Web Development

Data Management

IT Security

Mobile App Development

Project Management



Companies Become Classrooms

Each semester, great employers like these join with us to support students' growth while they get valuable projects completed and evaluate interns as potential future team members.

All CICs (Classrooms Inside Companies) are 12-week, paid internships that we plan directly with employers. Once they start, we stay involved to be sure everything continues running smoothly.



The internship programs we currently work with are all based in or near Nashville, TN.





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